Propulse 100

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Item Description

The Propulse 100 suitable for pilot weight from 130 lbs. to 200 lbs. Equipped with the Vittorazi Fly 100 evo engine with 18 HP 100 CC. Manual starter, Walbro carburetor, Airbox, chromed tune pipe exhaust with an extra muffler (silencer), start/stop switch and adjustable cruise control. Upgrades for the propeller and gas tank are available.

The Vittorazi Fly 100 Evo engine is the most reliable and powerful 100 cc. engine of the market today. Bullet-proof gear drive centrifugal clutch and its fully dismountable cage and main frame make things easy when transporting the unit inside a hard suitcase to places outside your local flying field.

The engine is cooled by a turbine fitted between the cylinder and head. The gear drive consists of oil lubricated gears, with high speed bearings and oil guards in VITON. Its centrifugal clutch can be adjusted to enhance the initial thrust of the propeller.

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